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Skin Angel by Avia

Personalized Private Session

24 hr Cancellation Policy. No call, no show payment in full to reschedule. 

$25 charge for prepaid services.

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*Please shower before your appointment. If you are coming from work or a day of errands please be informed that your wax specialist will clean and prep area or provide cleansing wipe.

*Hair must be a quarter of an inch (about 10-14 days of growth). Please note if your wax specialist feels hair is too short you will be ask to reschedule.

*Resist the urge to shave between sessions. Shaving chafes the skin and creates sharper, coarser hair!

*Gently exfoliate the night before or take a warm bath to prep the skin before wax. This will soften your skin allowing easier hair removal. Exfoliation removes dead skin or build up around and in follicle. Gentle dry brushing, exfoliating scrub or acne cleanser are a few suggestions.

*It's always good to come relax and feeling comfortable about your appointment. There are a lot of horror stories and false information about waxing services! Don't fall for that....we are very professional and highly skilled, knowledgable estheticians, your in very good hands!!!

*First gets better with time. We are aware that you haven't any idea what to expect. Your first visit might be your most uncomfortable especially if you have been shaving prior. We want to you return so we won't do anything to traumatize you! Just take a few cleansing breaths and let us take care of you!

*Remember waxing services are quick services to have a soft and smooth area is so worth a few minutes of discomfort if any. Every individual is different.


This hair removal method has been use in the 1900 bc. Honey was speculated to be the firs sugaring agent. Sugaring, also known as sukkar or halawa originated in the Middle East. Sugaring often compared to standard waxing is the process of sugaring substrate sticks to and essentially removes hair without attaching to the skin. The substrate is applied at room temp. or heated to a lukewarm temp., minimizing the risk of burns. For this reason sugaring is preferred over waxing when removing hair from larger areas. Sensitive skin could result in skin irritation and reaction. Using an anti-histamine can prevent that from happening. Sugar itself is otherwise hypoallergenic.  PROCESS begins with a powder shower! The sugar paste is applied to the skin in the same direction of hair growth. A strip of cloth or paper is pressed on top of sugar paste and quickly removed with the strip taking hairs along. The process can be repeated after 8-10 days of hair growth, unlike the 3-4 weeks worth of hair growth traditional waxing requires. Sugaring is an all natural hair removal. 

Sugaring consists of all natural ingredients such as sugar, water, lemon juice and honey.